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What It's All About & Where Is It Going?
PAWCATUCK.COM was created to enhance the lives of those who reside or vacation in the Westerly/Pawcatuck area. Besides being able to obtain times, reviews, and pictures of any MOVIE playing at HOYTS CINEMAS in Stonington, PAWCATUCK.COM is also dedicated to keeping you informed of the events taking place in both Westerly & Pawcatuck. At the present time our staff is designing MENUS for our RESTAURANTS section to make your dining experience even better. Our vision is to have every menu to every restaurant in both Westerly & Pawcatuck available so that anyone using our site will know what dining options are available to them with a click of a button. Then we will consider the Stonington/Mystic area. The PAWCATUCK.COM staff has implemented a yard sale bulletin board which is now in full production. Residents of Pawcatuck & Westerly that are considering having a yard sale will be able to post the time, location and the available items at their yard sale at no cost to them. Also coming soon at PAWCATUCK.COM residents will be able to express their thoughts and ideas concerning taxes, teachers, politicians, the schools, stores, and services that exist in Westerly & Pawcatuck & even the World. Our staff is serious about making these ideas only the beginning. At PAWCATUCK.COM our objective is to be the Home Page of everyone that spends their free time in the Westerly/Pawcatuck area.

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If you feel your surfing could be made easier by a particular link that is not listed on PAWCATUCK.COM let us know at Who knows you could be frequenting a site that others never knew existed. is committed to making this site the home page of everyone with a brain so keep us informed of how you think this site can be enhanced in any way.

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